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Four siblings grow up in household of abuse and neglect – then everything changes

Siblings Alisia, Bradley, Cody and Emma had been through a lot. The four siblings from Kansas have grown up in an abusive household where they were neglected.

But at least they had each other.

Meet Bradley (16), Emma (11), Alisia (17), and Cody (15).They’ve had a rough childhood. They were abused and…

Posted by Christa Dubill on TV on Monday, 12 March 2018

It was with mixed feelings that the siblings received the news that they were to be taken away from their home. On the one hand their suffering would be over but on the other they would likely be separated.

The chances that all siblings, aged 17, 16, 15 and 11, would end up in the same house were slim.

Most likely, the sisters Alisia and Emma would be placed with one family and the brothers Bradley and Cody with another.

The couple who changed everything

Couple Eric and Phyllis Watson, from Gardner, were excited about the prospect of becoming foster parents.They also had the potential to adopt.

When the adoption agency called them about their first adoption case they were told of the four siblings, who had only one wish – to stay together, writes The Kansas City Star .

Eric and Phyllis hesitated at first.

“We were thinking one foster child at a time. Maybe two? We weren’t thinking four at once,” said Eric Watson, according to The Kansas City Star .

Posted by Christa Dubill on TV on Monday, 12 March 2018

Eric and Phyllis had full-time jobs, and were not sure if they could handle four children.

But after sleeping on it, they decided to at least meet the siblings – and they immediately clicked.

The meeting became crucial for Eric and Phyllis. They instantly knew they didn’t want to let these kids go.

So, the couple decided to make it official.

Posted by Christa Dubill on TV on Monday, 12 March 2018

It took a while but two and half years later, the family were able to make it official

In court a lawyer asked the couple a series of questions about their financial situation and the bonds they had formed and even:

“Do you understand there are no give-backs here?” the lawyer asked with a smile.

To which the couple answered yes to everything.

The judge struggled to hold back tears as she announced the adoption official and added: “I order this packed courtroom to give the Watsons a standing ovation,”  writes The Kansas City Star.

What a wonderful story! What an absolutely beautiful thing for these 4 children to finally have parents and people who will care for them.

All children are entitled to a safe upbringing. It’s lovely that Alisia, Bradley, Cody and Emma have finally got the loving home they so deserve.

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