4 guys violently attack delivery man: immediately realize their mistake when he turns around

Stealing is probably the lowest of the low, especially when the thieves attack someone who’s working hard to make a living.

That’s what four thugs in Illinois attempted to do one night when they hatched a plan to attack and rob a pizza delivery guy.

They placed their order late at night, just minutes before closing time. They planned to steal the pizza and assualt what they presumed would be a teen delivery boy, stealing any cash he might have with him.

But the thugs came face-to-face with more than they could handle that night, and they wouldn’t realize their mistake until it was too late…

As luck would have it, all of the regular drivers had already gone home that night, so the owner of the pizza place decided to deliver the order himself, reports The Chicago Tribune.

As the man walked towards the door, three of the men jumped out to catch him off guard and carry out their attack. Instead, they got the shock of their lives.

Instead of a scrawny teenager, they were faced with 6 foot 3, 250 lb former NFL linebacker Napolean Harris. Napoleon is now a state senator and business owner.

YouTube/ Fox News

The thugs did manage to run off with Napoleaon’s wallet, but ultimately they were no match for the man. As the four thieves tried to escape, Harris gave chase and called the police.

YouTube/ Fox News

Thanks to Napoleaon’s help, the police were able to catch three of the fourth suspects and arrest them. They are currrently searching for the fourth.

“We haven’t pressed charges yet, but we’re going to,” police spokesman Sean Howard told the Chicago Tribune.

YouTube/ Fox News

It turns out that the thugs may also be looking at more serious charges than assault and theft. When they ran from Napoleon, one of the suspects abandoned their car. An investigation revealed that the car was stolen and covered in blood. The car’s owner was found dead.

Napoleon is just happy that none of his staff were hurt.

“He feels he was better capable of handling this incident than they would have been,” Sean Howard explains. “The thugs were expecting a scrawny 5-foot-9 guy, and got Harris instead.”

You can watch a newsclip about the incident below:

As if Napoleon wasn’t enough of a role model already, it’s truly incredible that he knew how to handle this situation. Even in a life-threatening situation, he acted in a way that allowed justice to take its course.

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