4-year-old contracts coronavirus after being diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor: ”Just a parent’s worst nightmare”

When four-year-old Matteo Ferruzzi fell ill in February, his mother Jennifer thought it just a seasonal flu. The boy complained of a headache and stomach pain, but his mom believed it would soon pass.

She could never foresee the nightmare that would unfold.

Other symptoms began to develop and Matthew’s health deteriorated. When his eyes started to cross, Jennifer realized that something was very wrong with her boy.


At the hospital, doctors discovered that Matteo had an inoperable malignant brain tumor. Jennifer’s world fell apart as a team of doctors gathered in the room to discuss what should be done next.

Imagine being told that your child has brain cancer and that the chances of survival are very small – there can’t be much worse for a parent to hear.

Doctors explained that Matteo had to undergo emergency surgery to relieve pressure the on his brain.

“That was the worst night of my life obviously, just a parent’s worst nightmare,” Jennifer Ferruzzi told Fox News.

After the surgery, Matteo was sent home to rest and recover.

The idea was that the boy would begin chemotherapy in the near future.


Unfortunately, more bad news would come. Not long after her son’s operation, Jennifer became infected with coronaviru and had to quarantine herself.

“It was hard for me to be in the bedroom so sick and hearing him out there, not being able to tell him OK, Mommy’s here,” Jennifer Ferruzzi told WGNTV.

The mother believes she was infected when she was at the hospital with Matteo, although it is difficult to know 100 percent.

Unfortunately, her son has also now tested positive for COVID-19 and that prevented him from getting the necessary chemotherapy treatment.

“The best time I can get a good cry is when I’m in the shower,” his mother said.

Jennifer hopes her son’s story will raise awareness about brain cancer. She also has a very important message for the public and other parents:

“If your child is showing symptoms or complaining about something, absolutely get them into their pediatrician right away. And even if nothing, it’s better to be safe than sorry. “

Family and friends have created a fundraiser at GoFundMe to help the Ferruzzi family financially. When Matteo, who still has the virus in his body, can start chemotherapy, he will undergo treatments for at least a year.

To date, the fundraiser has raised $48,000.

“The outpour of love, support and prayers has been incredible – especially when the world is going through such a hard time,” Jennifer said.

Dear Lord please save this little boys life! Praying for complete healing! ❤🙏