5 kids found in crate of truck with no ventilation or water while temps hit 100 degrees

As temperatures start to creep up, we should all be mindful of the little people we have in our car.

According to KidsAndCars.org, an average 37 children die every year in the United States after being left in hot cars.

In California, a vehicle was stopped by police who allegedly found five children suffering through terrible conditions.

The children, aged between 1 and 13, had been put in a small crate attached to the bed of a truck with no ventilation, water or air conditioning. The temperature outside was about 100 degrees, as per Fox 10 News.

3 arrested after 5 children found in crate on bed of pick-up truck ...
Fox 10 News

The vehicle was stopped in the city of Needles after someone called the police about the children’s safety.

The children were also not properly restrained and illegal narcotics, drug paraphernalia and a shotgun were also found in the vehicle, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

‘Driving under the influence’

Kenneth Standridge, 40, Zona Brasier, 39, and Aushajuan Hardy, 41, were arrested and charged with child endangerment.

Standridge faces additional charges for being a felon in possession of a firearm and suspicion of driving under the influence.

All three are being held in jail.


It’s unclear what relationship the children have to the suspects, but they were placed in the care of San Bernardino County Children and Family Services, according to the Press-Enterprise.

We hope these kids get the help they need and end up in a safer and more caring environment. Please share.