5-yr-old girl calls 911 to save dad’s life when he has a heart attack – now her call is cracking everyone up

Everybody know that emergencies can be incredibly scary scenarios to deal with.

Even professionals can sometimes struggle to keep their cool when the stakes rise and someone’s safety or life is on the line.

The panic, confusion and adrenaline that arises from a dangerous situation can lead us to do the oddest of things.

Some cases are as varied as the caller speaking to the dispatcher in a detached, rambling manner as if they have forgotten why they have called 911 while their loved one is bleeding on the floor.

When Savannah Hensley’s dad started to have a heart attack one morning, the five-year-old made the most adorable 911 call ever.

“My dad can’t hardly breathe. You need to come real fast,” Savannah told the 911 dispatcher.

For nearly 10 minutes, Savannah stayed on the line handling a scary situation with courage.


“Most people, when you talk with them, they’re so hysterical,” Hancock County dispatcher Jason Bonham, the man who received the call, noted. “Every time I’ve listed to it, it’s amazing. She’s just a little person.”

With an incredible effort, she calms down her daddy and calls for an ambulance. But Savannah is also worried about her clothes and she want to put on something else.

When I hear Savannahs calm voice when calling 911 my heart melts. Scroll down and listen to the life-saving conversation! What a hero!

This is the bravest little 5-year-old I’ve ever heard of! I can’t imagine how terrible it must be when someone close to you get sick and it’s urgent.

Fortunately, everything turned out just fine for Savannah’s dad — thanks in large part to her articulate and level-headed nature.

Knowing when to call 911 and understanding what to do in specific emergency situations can save both your life and the lives of your children and spouse, so it is best to prep them thoroughly as soon as you can!

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