6-year-old girl rescued from home after posting pictures of dead father online

The quick-thinking actions of a 6-year-old girl who did all she could to contact relatives after finding her dad and step mom unresponsive one morning, has shocked thousands around the nation.

What this little girl had to endure the morning she woke up on Jan 3 would be too much for most adults to process, let alone a child.

But her actions have been credited with saving the life of her stepmother, according to police. Unfortunately, it was too late for her father.


The 6-year-old woke one morning to find her dad and stepmom unresponsive. After throwing water over their faces, she then began to take photos of them and post them on Facebook.

It appears the parents had overdosed, according to Mount Morris Township Police Department (MMTPD) in Michigan.

6-Year-Old Posts Photos of Dead Father on Facebook; a Plea for Help
The house where the child posted pictures of her deceased father on Facebook. (Google Maps)

The youngster’s grandfather, who  lives more than 400 miles away in Tennessee, learned about the pictures and immediately contacted the police, according to the Detroit Free Press (DFP).

Police Chief Terence Green told the Detroit Free Press (DFP), they think, her actions saved a life. “This 6-year-old went through a traumatic event—and she saved a life,” he added.

Dog bites

As per reports, the child was without food for at least 24 hours and even had to witness their pet dog biting her father’s face.

The 36-year-old unconscious stepmother of the child was taken to a hospital. She did not suffer any bites from the dog and is stable but in intensive care. The biological mother now has custody of the child.

Mt. Morris Police Department.
Mt. Morris Police Department (Google Maps)

“If this is drugs, I mean, it just epitomizes the problem we have with drugs,” Police Chief Green told WNEM. “Especially, I mean this is how children, is what I would describe are caught in the crossfire.”

Find out more about this tragic case in the video below:

I cannot imagine the trauma that this child has had to endure and I hope she is now safe and loved with her mom.

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