60-year-old woman is tired of her “worn out” appearance – looks 30 years younger after hairdresser’s total transformation

Christopher Hopkins is a famous hairdresser and stylist who specializes in transforming women through small but magical alterations to their appearance. Many women have had one of his total makeovers over the years. This is one example, and I had to do a double take after seeing this.

It’s simply hard to believe your eyes after seeing the before and after pictures!

Meet Mary Johnson. She is from Fargo, North Dakota and flew to her appointment with Christopher, also known as the Makeover Man, in Minneapolis. Mary had seen some of Christopher’s earlier works in different video clips and decided that she also wanted the help of the super stylist.

When she first sat down in the hairdresser’s chair in front of the camera, she seemed nervous – but she was clearly ready for the transformation of her life!

When Mary sat down in the chair she knew she was in for a total transformation. The question was: Just how revolutionary would this experience be? 


She came to the hairdresser’s chair with only one requirement: no trendy blue or purple hair. She had to have a more conservative look for her job at the court.

Now the question remained: What did Christopher have in store for her? She would soon find out …

Watch the clip below to see the make over in full. Mary introduces herself to us and we see her natural look. Her hair is combed to the sides and she has some greys around her forehead.

First, Christopher transforms her hair. Mary gets some blond highlights and elegant curls that perfectly match the rest of the new strawberry blonde hairstyle. 

He then works on her cheeks, which Mary has asked him to fix as they are normally quite red.

When the make over is complete Mary is thrilled with the result! I can only imagine how happy she is!

She really doesn’t look like she’s in her 60s! Take a look at how Mary’s husband reacts when he meets his new wife.

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