71-year-old Ellen was thrown off the plane in front of her grandchildren

Ellen Flemming, 71, is a regular traveler. But she never expected the response she received from Air Canada staff during the flight to New Brunswick from British Columbia.

When Ellen, who was traveling with her husband and two grandchildren, asked the cabin crew for a simple service, she was thrown off the plane – and says she was injured as a result.


Inside Edition/Youtube

Ellen told Inside Edition that it started when she noticed trash in the seat pocket in front of her and called the flight attendant to ask if he could remove it. But, instead of helping he immediately became angry and refused to do it.

“He hauled himself up to his full height and said, ‘I’m a flight attendant and I don’t look after garbage,'” Ellen said.

Ellen was surprised at his response and unjustified reaction. But she stayed seated without making a scene. She then tried to dispose of the trash on a food cart but her arm got swiped away and she had to use her foot to scrape the trash away from her feet.

What happened next is very shocking.

71-year-old Ellen was thrown off the plane

When Ellen thought that the situation was over, she heard the pilot say that the plane had to turn around due to an incident.

Inside Edition/Youtube

When the plane landed, she was then escorted off the flight by the police.

According to Inside Edition, Air Canada said Ellen “exhibited aggressive behavior toward a crew member; threw garbage on the food trolley; kicked a crew member when requested to wait until the member could come back and pick up the garbage as he was serving food.”

Helen Hollett sat opposite Ellen’s family throughout the flight and said she did not experience the 71-year-old as aggressive at all.

“The thing is most of the passengers on that plane didn’t even know what was happening,” said Helen

Inside Edition/Youtube

The police are of the same opinion as Helen. They see no reason to proceed with the case as no criminal offenses have taken place.

Find out more about Ellen’s story in the video below.

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