72-year-old Daljinder gets pregnant for first time – watch how the family is living 11 months later

When global star Janet Jackson announced that she was pregnant at 50, many people were shocked.

Carrying a baby at that age can lead to risks for both the child and the mother.

But Daljinder Kaur from Amritsar, India, has “beat” Janet by a long shot: 20 years, to be exact. When Kaur gave birth to her first child at 72 years old, she became world news. Now – eleven months later –the mother has admitted that the birth has affected her health

Daljinder lives with her husband Mohinder Singh Gill, 79. The have been married for 47 years and were enjoying their retirement before they conceived their first child. For the last two years, the couple has undergone IVF to become pregnant. In April last year, their efforts paid off, reported news agency AFP. They named their child Arman Singh.

“God has answered our prayers. My life now feels complete. I feel full of energy to take care of a child. And my husband helps me as much as he can, he is very caring,” Daljinder Kaur said to AFP at the time.

At first, the clinic that performed the IVF treatment was reluctant. They judged that Daljinder seemed frail. But eventually they went ahead with the procedure anyway.

“I first tried to avoid the case because she was very weak. But then her medical reports were normal and she was fit to conceive,” Anurag Bishnoi, a doctor at the clinic, said to AFP.

Posted by NST Online on Wednesday, 11 May 2016

But since Arman came into the world, his mother has struggled with high blood pressure and weak joints. Eleven months after the birth, a camera crew visited the family, who explained that their son had started to crawl.

“My blood pressure has suffered and I get tired very easily now. I’ve seen several doctors but they just give me medicines and a diet plan,” Daljinder explains. “I’m worried for Armaan. I have to take care of my health but I have to take care of Armaan too.”

Posted by NST Online on Wednesday, 11 May 2016

“Since he’s been crawling I’m on my hands and knees and it’s hard. My body can’t take it. It’s been harder than I thought,” the mom says.

The boy is now over a year old and weighed only 2.5lbs when he was born. He is still underweight and after three months his mom could no longer breast-feed him.

But despite all of the difficulties, she says that she doesn’t regret starting her family so late.

“No matter where I am he’ll come crawling to me. I love him. He is a friendly child and smiles at everyone,” she says.

Posted by NST Online on Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Watch the clip below to see the family at home:

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