8-year-old suddenly stops traffic to help elderly stranger – look closely at what happens at the end

Eight-year-old Maurice Adams Jr. is already a true gentleman.

A video of the young boy helping a retiree up a flight of stairs is now spreading like wildfire on social media. It all started when Maurice was in the car with his mom, Contricia Hill. As they drove through their town of Midgeville, Georgia, Maurice suddenly noticed an elderly, unknown woman on the street. The story was  later reported on local TV channel WSB-TV 2 Atlanta.

Maurice saw through the car window that the elderly woman was struggling with her walker to climb up a few steps. The eight-year-old noticed how long it was taking her and that she was struggling.

What happens next is now pulling at the heartstrings of people everywhere.

“He asked, ‘Can I go out there and help her up the steps?'” the mother told WSB TV.

Contricia Hill looked at his son, stopped the car — and opened the car door. Her message? Go out and help her!

Maurice shot out of the car and headed towards the lady. He put his arm around her and offered to help. Step by step, they slowly but surely climbed each step.

Photo: Facebook

Despite his young age, Maurice showed incredible compassion, carefully and patiently assisting the elderly woman up each step. What a special little boy!

His mother remained in the car, proud as can be. Meanwhile, witnesses driving by spotted the special moment and couldn’t help but stop to watch.

One of these was Riley Duncan, who immediately pulled out his cell phone and began filming the incident. He thought the whole thing was beautiful and wanted to share what he witnessed with others.

Riley’s video has now received the attention of media everywhere and social media users paying tribute to the little guy abound.

Maurice ultimately got a warm and hearty hug from the unknown woman.

Photo: Facebook

Mother Contricia says she is of course very proud of her boy, adding that “respect and raising your kids right goes a long way.”

I hope this wonderful young man gets all the happiness he deserves in life. Feel free to share this great video so that more people are inspired to behave like this 8-year-old! If we take care of each other, we can come a long way.

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