The 9-year-old girl plays “Hallelujah” at the train station, when the sister joins in, it’s breathtaking

There are few songs that can touch the heart as much as Leonard Cohen’s beautiful “Hallelujah”.

Over the years we have seen, and heard, countless interpretations of the classic, ranging from big choirs in churches to those who have performed it solo.

But sometimes an interpretation of a classic makes people feel something even deeper. At a train station in Rotterdam, the Netherlands,  9-year-old girl Diane and her big sister Camille would prove just this.

It is something very special when people who play instruments start performing in public places. Somehow, I think they are more talented than those who play on a big stage, but above all I’m inspired and impressed by their courage. Nine-year-old Diane and her big sister Camille are two such people.

Played “Hallelujah”

At the train station a piano had been set up for anyone to play. Diane settled down at the piano and started playing the beautiful “Hallelujah”.

It’s stunning to hear it played on such a stately instrument. But when sister Camille joins in with her violin I’m overwhelmed. Two beautiful classical instruments that are played in such harmony. Diane and Camille are two incredibly accomplished and brave girls – and I can’t stop watching the video of them.

This was the most beautiful rendition of this classic I’ve heard in a long time.

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