97-year-old tries to catch Prince Harry’s eye – then he sees something familiar in her face and gasps

Prince Harry has admirers of all ages all over the world, and many dream about being able to meet him. However, there’s one particular fan encounter that seems to have taken a place in Harry’s heart.

Namely 97-year-old Daphne Dunn from Sydney, Australia. She waited seven hours for the chance to meet him when he paid a visit to her home city. Minutes before the meeting, she still couldn’t help but hope that he would recognize her from their meeting two years earlier…


And he did! Daphne was shocked.

The prince was visiting Sydney to promote his multi-sport championship Invictus Games. It was pouring with rain that day, but that didn’t stop hundreds of Australians waiting outside for Harry. They hoped to catch a quick glimpse of the prince, or maybe even a handshake.

Two years ago Daphne met Harry outside the Sydney Opera House when the Prince was visiting the Australian military. Back then Daphne stood out from the rest of the crowd: She had several military medals on her coat. Among them was the Victoria Cross– The highest award for bravery that a British service person (of any rank) may receive. This immediately caught the prince’s attention.


She told Harry that she had lost her husband, Albert Chowne, during World War II – and that she now carried his Victoria Cross to honor her husband’s memory. She did so every time the military had any kind of show or other event to honor those who died in war. The prince was of course very touched by Daphne’s story. He gave her a peck her on the cheek and said goodbye.

There and then, neither of them could imagine that they would ever see each other again.

Two years later he caught sight of a familiar face in the crowd of people. Daphne had been waiting in the rain to see Harry again. When the prince realized that it was the same woman he had met two years ago he rushed over to greet her. And from the pictures now going viral from the meeting this summer, you can clearly see how happy they are to see each other.


They were seen talking to each other for a while, and then the prince gave her a huge bear hug. Harry is known for his active engagement with the military, which is why he has a special place in many veterans’ hearts. It was surely an honor for Daphne (and also for Harry) to be able to meet not once, but twice.

“He remembered me. He gave me a kiss on both cheeks,” Daphne said to reporters at the scene.

And now it’s confirmed that Harry’s Invictus Games will take place in Australia next year. Maybe they’ll meet for the third time?

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