Aggressive guy kept tailgating & honking repeatedly on a snowy road to this old lady…

This is one of the funniest stories that’s crossed my computer screen in recent weeks.

It’s about a grandma who wrote a Facebook post describing a road-raging driver, who tailgated her and honked relentlessly in bad weather.

A short while later, the reckless driver ended up on the side of the road and Grandma’s reaction was priceless.

Read this hilarious story below.

Last Thursday, we experienced a lot of snow and freezing rain.

I was driving home cautiously since the road were unplowed and in very bad condition.

Naturally, a person zips right behind me and begins to tailgate me. I am not going to speed up and risk killing myself or others, so I maintain a safe speed. The tailgater begins to honk at me, repeatedly, even as we pass multiple people stuck in the snow on the side of the road.

After tailgating and honking incessantly at me for a solid five minutes, he zooms past me and barrels down the road.

Not 100 meters ahead, he reaches a sharp turn, loses his traction, and slides straight into a snowbank.

He immediately tries to back out of it, but his tires spin uselessly in the snow. He jumps out of his car and flags me down for help (I am driving a truck and I am sure he got a good look at the winch on the back of it while tailgating me).

I stop my truck and he makes a visible gesture of relief. I lay on my horn for about 10 seconds, and drive off.

Best 10 seconds of my life!

The lesson? Don’t mess with grandmas.

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