Almost no one can spot what’s wrong: can you figure out the answer?

Different people see the world in different ways. Some notice more detail while others would rather look at the whole picture.

Under certain circumstances, one way or the other may be preferable. Especially when it comes to solving certain problems.

Have you puzzled over different optical illusions and visual puzzles?

Even though you try to reverse and twist the image in every way, it’s just impossible to see the answer even if your friends can.

Some of us see the error immediately while others can never figure it out without a clue. To be honest I was puzzled by this one until I read the tip at the end of the article.

It’s simply because our brains often trick us and we can’t see the answer because we just don’t see the image as others see it.

Even people who consider themselves to be very smart have difficulty explaining why this is. When you figure it out you’ll be kicking yourself at how simple the answer is!

Tip: Look at the bottom of the image for the answer


Are you still puzzled by this image and can’t spot the error? Look at the text, does the spelling appear to be right?

We assume that the error will be in the number sequence because that’s how our brain works.

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