Andrea Bocelli joins Ariana Grande for unforgettable duet

Italian singer songwriter Andrea Bocelli has charmed the whole world with his amazing voice and Celine Dione once said “if God would have a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli”.

But happens when you combine the powerful vocals of an opera legend with those of a pop princess?

As it turns out, you don’t have to wait any longer to find out.

While this may seem like a strange collaboration, Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande have done just that.

And when you hear their unique voices combine you will quickly agree that the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Though Ariana is over thirty years younger than her song partner, they’re voices meld together flawlessly.

It’s a weird combination to say the least, and yet it feels so right. Perhaps this collaboration will serve as Ariana’s entryway to the world of opera?

Not only is the melody beautiful, but hearing their completely unique voices come together is a treat in itself.

The name of the song is “E Più Ti Penso” and I’v never heard Ariana sound better. The Italian aria is from the movie Once Upon A Time In America, a 1984 gangster movie starring Robert DeNiro.

I was prepared not to like Ariana’s vocals but it is really beautiful. Their voices work so well together.

Hear as Ariana Grande joins Andrea Bocelli for an unforgettable duet in the video below – this is sure to give you chills!

I would like to see them singing together on a stage as opposed to being separated. They both have beautiful voices, there is no doubt!