Anonymous donor gives $1 million to hospital for staff bonuses – ‘Thank you for standing up’

As healthcare workers around the world are working tirelessly to fight COVID-19, many have called to increase their pay or at the very least give staff a bonus. While it has yet to happen, there have been instances where kind souls have paid it forward to thank frontline workers.

Recently, staff at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, California were surprised by an anonymous donation.

“Thank you for standing up (and staying up!) to care for our community,” it said. “This humankindness is what makes you heroic.”

Not only were they shocked at the amount, $1 million, but a note sent along with the donation said the money was to be put towards all staff at the hospital that had worked there for at least a year.

According to reports, that meant nurses, lab techs, mailroom staff, security guards, cleaning staff, and those who worked full time would receive an $800 bonus. Employees who worked part time would receives $600.

“There are so many people who keep the hospital running. Nurses and doctors are getting the praise, but we couldn’t do it without the staff who clean the floors, deliver supplies, fix machines, everything. It’s a team, and I’m glad the whole team is getting a thank you,” Amy Loudon, a nursing supervisor at the hospital said.

Thank you to EVERYONE who works at a hospital or medical facility. It’s because of you we are able to fight this horrible virus. Share this to thank these heroes.