Artist brings boring buildings to life with his colorful giant murals

Julien Malland is an artist who his taking his talent around the world, creating huge murals mostly featuring children.

Sharing his creations on Instagram are helping to lift the spirits of his hundreds of thousands of followers.

The parisien artist, who also goes by the name of Seth, is inspired by the country he’s in and children’s book illustrations.

When he’s finished his mural he takes a photo of it with the child that he featured in his work posing in front of it.

His work is colorful, innocent and joyful and I’m sure the kids enjoy being part of this wonderfully creative process.

“I’m inspired by the environment where I’m painting,” Julien said, according to Bored Panda.

“It can be a social, cultural, or political situation, or only the shape of the wall.”

When asked how long it takes to create a piece, he said: “It can be a few hours for a little piece and for the big walls – from three days to one week.”

Seth_globepainter, as he refers to himself on Instagram, has been painting these murals around the world since the 1990s.

His most recent two paintings refer to lockdown as he tells his 239,000 followers to “stay strong”.

The talented French artist has also released two books; one is called “Extramuros” and features his work around the world from the last three years when he traveled to India, China, Mexico, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

As with all great artists his murals have a deeper meaning, but he leaves it up to the viewer to see what they choose to see in his paintings.

May he continue to bring joy and creativity to people around the world.

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