Baby boy left abandoned in truck, therapist picks him up and knows exactly what to do with him

At less than one week old baby Charlie was abandoned in the bed of a truck, dressed in a onesie in unusually cold Tallahassee, Florida temperatures.

When he was found by a 22-year-old college student, who heard the sounds of crying, he was hungry and wearing a soiled diaper.

His story is a mystery as nobody knows who his parents are or his medical background but one person knew he was as soon as she picked him up.

When the student discovered Charlie, police were alerted and medical help dispatched. Baby Charlie was transported to a local hospital where he was examined by a team of doctors and other healthcare professionals including Lorraine, a respiratory therapist who immediately assessed his vitals and lung function. Thankfully he was stable.

Lorraine wanted to give Charlie some much-needed attention so held him in her arms while seated in a soothing rocking chair. Little did she know the instant bond she would feel while holding him.

As a two-time breast cancer survivor, Lorraine could not have kids of her own. She had raised stepchildren with her husband but not from infants. Holding infant Charlie stirred something inside of her and she knew what she had to do.

Just one week later this beautiful boy went from having a very bleak future to a much-loved and happy one. He has a home, a family and a name. His name is Caleb but Lorraine and her husband call him Charlie

“I truly believe that what God has for you is for you,” she said, according to Reno Gazette Journal. “It’s on his time, and God said, ‘No you’re going to get Caleb this time.’ And Caleb came with us.”

So how are baby Charlie and new mom Lorraine doing now? Find out in the video below.

This story brings together two people that needed each other so much. Lorraine’s dream to become a mom to a newborn is now a reality and Charlie has the love and support he needs and deserves.

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