Baby pronounced dead in hospital: but on way to funeral dad hears noise that stirs big panic

In the midst of the worst situations imaginable, we can always rely on hospital staff. I have huge respect for the incredible work they do.

But this case in India made me furious. This kind of situation should never happen!

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On November 30th, two premature twins came into the world in Max Hospital in Delhi, India.

Sadly, the girl twin didn’t make it, she was still born. But her brother was placed on life support, reports The India Times.

His heartbeat was irregular, but doctors did everything they could to save the baby’s life.

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Sadly, the doctors were unable to save the little boy, and he was pronounced dead alongside his sister.

The parents were, of course, heartbroken. The infants were handed over to them in a plastic bag, writes The India Times.

But when dad Amish took the children to be buried, he received a terrifying shock. He noticed that the little boy was moving around inside the bag.

“He immediately opened the cover and discovered that the baby was still breathing,” the boy’s uncle tells The Epoch Times.


The hospital called

I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy. Amish reacted immediately and took the baby to a nearby hospital.

The boy was in a critical condition, but was alive. The hospital informed the parents that their son had a serious infection.

“The hospital called us in the morning,” the boy’s uncle explains.

“They said there is no negligence on their part; instead, a senior hospital official told us it is a ‘medical miracle.’ We told them we want an explanation from doctors, but they did not let us talk to them.”

Max Hospital in Delhi said in a statement that they were “shaken and concerned at this rare incident.”


The doctors were fired

Sadly, the boy passed away at the hospital a few days later. After nearly a week of intensive care, the little boy died on December 5th, according to a police statement to The Times of India. 

An investigation was carried out and it discovered that the hospital didn’t do any ECG tracings to check if the child was alive. The body was handed over to the parents without written instructions, reports NDTV.

India’s health minister Satyendar Jain is now saying that the whole hospital risks losing its license. The two doctors involved in the incident at Max Hosptial have been fired.

However, the “strict action” doesn’t mean that the doctors did anything wrong, according to the hospital. Instead it should be seen as “a reflection of our commitment to higher standards of care.”

This is a huge tragedy for the family involved, but hopefully it means that something like this will never happen again! 

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