Babysitter filmed with mom’s daughter, then horrible assault is revealed

Every working parent is faced with the question of childcare sooner or later.

While many parents choose to send their child to daycare, it isn’t unusual to choose a childminder or nanny either.

No matter which option parents choose, it’s a huge responsibility for the adults who are trusted to take care of a child.

Mom Desiree LaBlanc trusted a friend’s recommendation when she hired a 28-year-old woman to take care of her child.

But that would prove to be a big mistake.


Desiree from Des Moines, Iowa, was looking for a suitable babysitter for her young daughter.

After a while, she finally found a suitable person, after recommendations from a close friend.

28-year-old Christina Williamson owned a daycare in the area and seemed to be trustworthy and competent.

The babysitter would send pictures of her and the baby playing together and she would always get in touch with Desiree if her daughter had even the slightest scratch.

Desiree LaBlanc

Desiree had never imagined in her wildest dreams that anything bad could happen.

But one day at work, Desiree received a call from her boss who announced that the mother should immediately go home and pick her daughter up from the babysitter’s home.

Soon the truth came out for Desiree, when she spoke to the babysitter’s ex-husband.

Christina Williamson

He had received worrying information from some older children and decided to set up hidden cameras in the house. When he looked through the tapes, he went straight to the police.

The pictures speak for themselves, but I want to warn that they could be very disturbing to some readers.

Christina Williamson

Thankfully the babysitter was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Today, all of the children are doing well and have no lasting physical effects, reports KCCI Des Moines 8.

But this scary example is certainly a reminder to be extremely careful when choosing who you trust to take care of your children.

Warming: Pictures can be upsetting to some readers!

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No child deserves to be subjected to to physical or mental abuse.

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