Bank staff call police over angry 92-year-old, then officer’s actions are caught on camera and go viral

Police get called out to all kinds of incidents from the bizarre to the everyday, I’m sure there’s never a dull moment serving on the front line of our local communities.

Now a police officer from California has warmed the hearts of people all across the country after what he did for an elderly man who had been kicked out of a local Bank of America.

Officer Robert Josett wasn’t sure what to expect when he attended a troublesome scene at a bank. Staff had called him out over an agitated 92-year-old.

This police could have dealt with the incident in five minutes, given the age of the person involved, but instead he took his time and went above and beyond to showed his respect and compassion.



Just outside Los Angeles, California, the Montebello Police Department received a call about a troublesome customer.

Police officer Robert Josett was the first to arrive on the scene.

And when he entered the bank, he saw a 92-year-old man who was quite agitated and upset.


The man just wanted to withdraw some money from his account. But, because his ID card had expired, no one at the bank could help him.

Without a proper identification, the bank was unable to process the old man’s request to withdraw his money.

The old man couldn’t understand why and was frustrated. Eventually bank staff called the police for help in removing the man.

I think anyone with an elderly parent or grandparent can likely relate to the situation this old man found himself in.


When Officer Josett arrived on the scene and learned what was happening, he decided to do something a bit unconventional.

He knew he had to intervene and while it would have been perfectly acceptable to just escort the upset man off the premises, he chose to do something else.

Officer Josett took the man to the Department of Motor and Vehicles and helped him get a new license, reports KDVR.

But his act of kindness didn’t stop there.

Then, they went back to the bank before it closed, and officer Robert helped the man withdraw money.

Facebook/Montebello Police Department

Later, the Montebello Police Department posted a picture of Officer Josett escorting the man into the bank again, and it immediately went viral.

“This Officer is a Saint!” commented one person on the police department’s Facebook post.

“All this Little Grampa wants is to keep his independence. And the officer helped him in a dignified manner. Good Job Officer!”

“We often hear only bad news of officers, we can’t judge everyone the same,” agreed another.

“Officer Robert Josett thank you so much for helping this elderly man, it could have been my father or grandfather. God Bless you….and thank you for your service.”

See how humble this officer is in the clip below. He really thinks what he did was no big deal.

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This officer allowed the elderly man to carry out his own business with dignity.

When you are 92-years-old, you’re maybe not as sharp as you used to be. Something like an expired ID can really throw you off, especially when it’s preventing you from accessing your own money.

This old man just needed to be shown some kindness and a bit of patience. Officer Josett showed him both and turned out to be his guardian angel. 

We must never forget the acts of kindness that officers carry out every day without being asked or told. What a wonderful example to us all.

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