Barn is beautiful from the outside – but it’s the inside that leaves us speechless

When you and I think of barns, we most likely think of chickens, pigs and hay stacks.

We don’t imagine a comfy, luxurious home.

But then, most of us haven’t seen this barn before…

A couple in Jackson, Wyoming, had always dreamed of building their own guesthouse. However, they didn’t want to build a normal house – they wanted to come up with something a little more original.

Follow your dreams

The couple loved everything about country barns, from the style to the architecture.

“Whenever my husband and I drive by a barn, we comment on it. A barn felt much more interesting and original than a regular guesthouse,” the homeowners told Big Life Magazine.


A masterpiece

They contacted their close friend and architect John Carney and asked him to draw up the blueprints for a house – in a barn.

What he came up with is nothing less than a masterpiece. Although this is an old restored barn, it’s nothing but modern on the inside.

The upper floor has been preserved and is still reminiscent of an old hayloft. One end of the barn has been replaced by large beautiful windows that offer a magical view of the landscape.


Preserved ceiling

It has a high ceiling and the old wooden beams have been replaced with new, giving a modern impression. Here the couple have built a gym and on the same floor there is also a small kitchen.

Natural light

The bedroom has large windows that let in lots of natural light.

Vintage car collection

On the lower floor, the home owners have really made use of the barn’s size and built a large garage for their collection of vintage cars, motorcycles and bikes.

Like the upstairs, the wooden frame from the barn has been preserved, but the details like a beautiful floor in black and white rut patterns give a modern, clean feel.

“I love the house”

The homeowners are definitely happy with their new guest house.

“You know what I love about this house? When you drive into the driveway you think, what a beautiful, rustic barn, and you expect everything to be cozy and a little old-fashioned. But then you walk in and think ‘Wow!’ Everything inside is clean and modern, with these killer floor-to-ceiling mountain views,” one of the homeowners tells Big Life Magazine.

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