Blogger buys rusty knife for $3 – but look at the incredible transformation

We’ve probably all bought something on impulse – and then realized, after we’ve got it home, that it’s something we’ll never use.

YouTube blogger and chef Jun decided he had to have a rusty old knife he spotted in a secondhand store and paid $3 for it. He took it home and set to work restoring it and what a transformation.


Jun has blog on YouTube called JunsKitchen, where he cooks with his cat and offers plenty of useful kitchen tips.

One of his recent posts attracted over 33 million hits. It features Jun restoring a rusty old knife, which may sound pretty insignificant, but not when you see the incredible transformation.

Old Japanese knife

Jun says he found the rusty knife in a secondhand shop that a guy was trying to sell to the store owner for 30 cents but the guy refused to buy it. After, Jun offers to buy the knife off the seller and the seller then raises the price to $3.

“That’s like ten times the price you were originally going to sell it for,” Jun said in the video.

But he bought it anyway – and decided to try and restore it back to its former glory.

So he rolls up his sleeves and gets to work. By working hard, Jun shows that anything is possible.

Just look at the incredible transformation in the video below, the end result is very impressive!

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