Boy finds $100 bill on store floor, then asks his mom to make an unexpected phone call

If any of you have ever found cash lying on the floor then you’ll know the internal dilemma that follows from such a find. Do we hand it in, do we tell someone, is it possible to return it to the owner?

Well for young Jaron Johnson, there was no question in his mind; he knew exactly what he was going to do. Despite being only 8 years old he made a decision quickly after discovering a hundred dollar bill at a store, and it may shock some of you out there.




Young Jaron, from Louisiana, simply couldn’t wait to return the cash to its rightful owner!

I gave it to my mom and then the next day when we woke up I reminded her to call Walmart to see if anyone reported it,” Johnson said, according to KALB News.

The money belonged to 86 year-old James Grice of Georgetown. He lives on a fixed income and wasn’t able to buy his groceries that day at Walmart after discovering the money missing. Mr Grice said he didn’t expect to see his money again.

“When I walked outside of the store I said lord let somebody that really needs that money, find it. When I turn things over to the Lord, I don’t fool with it anymore.”

Mother Jodie Johnson, a special education teacher at Tioga Elementary School, where Jaron attends, said it was a teachable moment.

“We talked about it on the way home, you know, people work hard for their money. I was immediately proud of him. He’s a great kid, he has amazing character. He does the right thing even when no one is looking.”

When Jaron met Mr Grice, little did he know that the grateful senior citizen had a special reward for him – a twenty dollar bill to say thank you

“That child right there, he’s 100 percent to me,” said Mr Grice.

What a remarkable boy! He did what many adults wouldn’t do in trying to find the bill’s rightful owner. He’s such a credit to his proud mama.

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