Boy pees on elevator buttons in China – karma hits back in epic way

Watching a young boy messing around can often be fun and refreshing. There are times, however, when the line is crossed.

Take one boy, in China, for example, caught by security cameras urinating all over the buttons in an elevator.

As they say, though; what goes around, comes around. It’s so much funnier in instances like this, when karma decides to strike immediately.

Bildkälla: Youtube

Only recently did said event take place in a building in Chongqing, China. Whilst watching through the eye of the camera installed in their elevator, the security guards clearly saw a young boy enter and proceed to pee over the elevator buttons.

Of course, it’s hardly acceptable behaviour. But, by the time the boy had reached the ground floor and was ready to get out, Lady Karma gave him everything she had.

In the footage, the lights in the elevator begin to flicker on and off, while the doors open and shut before the boy can get out. Panicking, he begins to push the very same buttons he’s just urinated on, only for the elevator itself to go completely dark.

Bildkälla: Youtube

Apparently, the pee had forced the elevator to short-circuit, with the boy himself locked in until security staff arrived to let him – no doubt somewhat red-faced – out.

According to the BBC, the video was then shared by the Chinese authorities, in a bid to warn parents over the conduct of their children.

Watch the now-infamous video clip below:

The debate online now rages over whether or not unruly children should be better disciplined at home. Some argue, however, that it’s simply playful behaviour and that kids will be kids.

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