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Parents put son up for adoption – 26 years later father and son meet and realize the unimaginable

When Bob Degaro and his wife were expecting children they were overjoyed – but also afraid. They had no money and realized they couldn’t properly provide for their child.

The couple made the brave and heartbreaking decision to put their baby up for adoption.

They went on to have two more children which they chose to raise as their circumstances had improved. But, they never forgot and wondered about the boy they were forced to give away all those years ago. Now, they need wonder no more.



Wisconsin man Nathan Boos always knew he was adopted but had never asked who his biological parents were, even though his mom and dad knew who they were.

Bob (Nathan’s biological father) Youtube

When Nathan left school, he got a job as a truck driver at a company in Wisconsin. He led a happy life but became curious about where he came from and asked his mom.

Nathan nearly fell to the floor when she told him that he was Facebook friends with his father!

He asked who it was and when she showed him he had an even bigger shock. Not only was his biological father his work colleague for two years and also a truck driver but they were also friends!


But neither of them knew they were father and son! Neither Nathan nor Bob couldn’t believe it.

However, they saw no reason for it to affect their friendship – on the contrary. Now they are closer than ever. And best of all: Nathan gets the chance to see and get to know his biological father every day.

Watch Nathan and Bob’s amazing story in the video below.

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