Boy’s brain X-ray shocks doctors across the world: Now parents want to warn others

It’s only when you become a parent for the first time that your truly realize how danger can lie around every corner of your home.

Things that you never could have imagined would cause you harm suddenly become danger zones – and as a new parent it can be difficult to know what could pose a risk to your new addition. Of course, we all try to childproof our homes as best we can, but we can never be entirely sure that we’ve secured every little detail.

That’s exactly what these parents experienced, after an unbelievably scary experience that is now making headlines worldwide.

One day 2 year old Chen Chen was jumping on his bed when an accident happened. In mid-hop the chinese boy suddenly tumbled and fell to the floor.

Unfortunately, the outcome was much worse than just a bump on the head.


When the boy fell to the floor, he landed head first on an electrical power socket. The 2 year old’s head was pierced by the socket’s pins.

Samuel M. Livingston/Flickr

When his parents came upon this horrifying scene, they drove him straight to the hospital.

Once there, X-rays showed that the pins had pierced the boy’s brain.


The horrifying x-ray images have shocked families and doctors around the world.

The boy was operated on immediately, with surgeons trying to remove the socket as carefully as possible without causing any further damage.


After struggling for three hours, the doctors eventually managed to remove the socket and stitch up the boy’s head.

Doctors currently don’t know whether the 2 year old will experience any long-term damage, but for now they are optimistic that he will heal well.


This scary story shows how difficult it is to remove every single hazard in your home– and how important it is to warn other parents of potential dangers.

You can never be too careful.

The best thing we can do is SHARE this warning to all parents of young children!

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