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Bride-to-be discovers mystery bruises on her pups – dumps fiancé after catching him with her dogs

Ninna Mandin thought life couldn’t get any better for her. She had found the man she wanted to marry and had two beautiful French bulldogs she adored.

But it was after she found bruises and marks on her dogs that she couldn’t explain, that her life took a turn for the worse.

She installed security cameras in her home to find out how they were getting injured.

The images that came back were horrific and Ninna immediately dumped her man and called off the wedding.

Warning: The following story contains images that readers may find upsetting.

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In 2015, the then 26-year-old from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, believed that she had found her true love. She was engaged to her boyfriend and they were busy planning a wedding.

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Her happy world came crashing down when she noticed bruises and blue spots on her two French bulldogs that she couldn’t explain.

She also noticed her dogs’ behavior change and they became more fearful, especially when her boyfriend was around.

“They became really scared of him. After that, the wounds started to appear and the vet couldn’t explain where they were coming from. That’s when I decided to install a camera in the living room,” she says, according to Animal Channel.

Ninna couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw images of her fiancé abusing her dogs.

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Ninna was disgusted when she saw him hitting and kicking one of the dogs. This was not the same man she had fallen in love with.

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Nina immediately dumped him and cancelled the wedding.

“I’m not even thinking about the wedding. My pain is seeing what the dogs suffered,” she said.

Nina shared the images online and they quickly went viral. She also started an online petition so he could be rightfully charged and gained 30,000 supporters.

Her boyfriend disappeared after she showed him the footage and has been on the run ever since, reports Animal Channel.

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I’m so glad Nina followed her suspicions and found out the truth. You saved your dogs and yourself from a lifetime of abuse!

I hope this man is arrested and punished for his despicable actions against two defenseless dogs! 

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