Bride and Groom expect DJ to play their special song: Then sister says to look at figure standing at door

Every bride and groom plan that special song to kick off the celebrations at their wedding celebration.

After Brandon and Sara tied the knot, it was time for their wedding reception in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin. They had planned to have the DJ play “Bless The Broken Road” by the Rascal Flatts as their first dance as husband and wife. The couple are huge fans of the Ohio country band and the lyrics of the song were very fitting.

The happy couple knew their friend Tammy had a special surprise planned but they had no idea how huge that surprise was.

Tammy knew Brandon and Sara’s favorite band would be in Osh Kosh for the Country USA concert, so she decided  to write to them asking them to make an appearance on the happy couple’s special day. This band is so famous that she didn’t let herself get too excited.

Brandon and Sara got ready to hear their favorite song but then Sara’s sister, who was in on the surprise, stepped up to the mic and the wedding party were puzzled.

“I’m not musically inclined at all, so we needed a little extra help for this surprise for you guys,” she announced. “So with a little help, I’ll hand it off to them.”

The doors to the venue opened and Brandon and Sara got the shock of their lives as Rascal Flatts entered the room and the happy couple both shed tears of joy.

“One of the best things was that they said they were going to be praying for us. Because obviously marriage isn’t an easy thing, it’s kinda difficult So we’ll we praying for them, they’ll be praying for us and it was a great, great, great experience,” Sara said.

Watch this wonderful wedding surprise below.

What an amazing wedding gift and one which this couple will never forget. Please share this story with your friends and family to help lift their day.