Bride hears music and thinks her wedding is ruined, until she turns around and sees the musician

A lot of hard work and sometimes blood, sweat and tears, goes into planning a wedding. For many couples they need everything to be just perfect for that special day and one such couple was Samantha and Taylor.

They found the perfect wedding venue in Mexico where they got engaged and everything was picture perfect. Just as they were about to sign to secure their special wedding venue, Samantha’s whole world came crashing down.


Kathy, Samantha’s mom, learned her multiple sclerosis was progressing and she couldn’t travel. Samantha and Taylor instantly changed their plans and decided on a wedding in the U.S. But the night before they signed the contract on their new venue, Kathy was rushed to the hospital; her condition had got worse.

Samantha had to leave her job so she could be closer to her mom and look after her and had to start looking into wedding venues all over again. She came across a Dream Wedding competition in so she submitted her story to win an all expenses-paid wedding day – and she won!

Samantha and Taylor knew exactly which song they wanted their wedding band to play for their first dance. “Love You Like That” by country star Canaan Smith. “We chose a song that’s very catered towards us as a couple… not one of the traditional first dance songs,” Samantha said. Taylor added: “Just listening to the song makes us both smile and reminds us of each other and our love for one another.”

Their dream day finally arrived and Samantha and Taylor tied the knot followed by their first dance. But moments after the band began to play their special song, they stopped and the lead singer made an announcement. “We have a better idea,” the lead singer announced and Samantha was worried.

Watch the video below as Samantha stands in shock wondering what her wedding band is doing!

This is such a shock for Samantha but she deserved it after everything she had been through. Share this happy ending and heart-warming story to help brighten everyone’s day.