Businesswoman adopts 93-year-old veteran after California wildfires left him homeless

As the wildfires in Paradise, California enter their sixth day of devastation there are so many reports of heartbreaking losses.

The communities affected are banding together to do all they can to help each other while firefighters show up in their thousands, some of them ignoring their own personal losses, to fight these fires on the front line.

Orville businesswoman Tracy Grant was handing out hamburgers to evacuees when she came across an elderly man whose response she couldn’t ignore.

The World War II veteran refused food and help but something inside told Tracy not to give up on him.


Lee Brundige has been sleeping in his car unsure if his home is still standing. When Tracy offered him a hamburger he initially refused telling her to give it to someone who really needed it.

Tracy tried to get Lee to a shelter but he said he was fine sleeping in his car. Tracy didn’t want to give up on this elderly man who was left to fend for himself. She also didn’t want him to be taken advantage of.

The next day the sheriff’s office told people to clear out of the parking lot due to worsening air, including the veteran, and Tracy asked him to come home with her.


“He looks at me and kind of grunted, ‘No I don’t want to take advantage of anyone, you’re too kind.’ So I said, ‘This is my car. You’re going to follow that bumper until we stop,” she said, according to the Washington Post.

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Tracy convinced Lee to come home with her and stay with her boyfriend Grant and their dogs.

Tracy says Lee’s son knows he’s safe but she posted his father’s photo on social media so his friends know too.

Her remarkable act of kindness is melting hearts all over the country. It just shows you what we’re all capable off in a crisis.

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