Cashier’s quick-thinking actions saves woman from suspected kidnappers

It was just an ordinary afternoon shift for Savannah Pritchett working at a gas station in Waterford, California.

But when a woman came in shaking with fear and asking for help her quick-thinking actions made her the hero of the day.

Savannah told local media that the woman ran into the store and repeatedly asked for her help.

“She probably said ‘please, help me’ four times,” Savannah said.


Without any hesitation Savannah gave the woman her phone and told her to lock herself in the bathroom and call 911.

“I just thought stick her in the bathroom, it’s far enough back where she’s safe,” Savannah told CBS Local News.

The woman said she had been kidnapped and had managed to get away by telling the men she needed to use the bathroom.

A short while later the heroic cashier came face to face with the woman’s alleged captors when they game into the gas station asking where she was.


The brave cashier managed to stall them until police arrived and arrested the suspects.

The woman told her the men had guns and had kidnapped her and sexually assaulted her overnight.

“Her being able to get this victim into a secured restroom with a phone and being able to contact law enforcement very well may have saved her life,” said Sergeant Tom Letras, according to KCRA News.

Watch the cashier in action in the clip below.

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