Cat owner fakes his own death to see how cat reacts – doesn’t expect this reaction

Not everyone is an animal lover, but those of us who do, really love our pets. There’s nothing better than having a furry little friend. They’re a part of our family. We love them unconditionally and would do everything for them. And I’m sure that if they could talk, they’d say the same about us.

Sparta is a 10-year old tabby and his owner adopted him back in 2007.

Like many other cats, Sparta loves to wrestle, play with string and lie in the sun. But he’s also unique. He has an original personality and loves his owner more than anything else. For some reason, this got Sparta’s owner to start thinking about how Sparta would react if he died.

To find out, he decided to stage his own death and wait for Sparta’s reaction.

Fortunately, the whole thing was captured on film.

Take a look at the video below to see how Sparta reacted.

How will Sparta react when his owner “dies”?


Will he be sad?


Will he even notice that his owner is “dead”?


What’s happening here?


“Is he breathing?”


How do you think your pet would react?

Let us know in the comments!

Watch the video here:

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