Champion teen dancers bring the house down with their Carolina Shag dance

Most of us will be forgiven for not knowing what a Carolina Shag is but its popularity as a dance from the 1950s is sweeping the nation.

The Carolina Shag is a swing dance and a partner dance originally set against beach music. Today the dance is recognized in national and even international dance competitions.

Now a group of teenagers from North and South Carolina, where the dance originated, are showing everyone how it’s supposed to be done.

The talented group, aged between 12 and 17 years old, caused a crowd to jump to their feet when they performed the dance.

The Junior Shag Dance Team travel all over the world to perform the Carolina Shag dance and have 13 titles under their belts including 7-time USA Grand National Team champions.

In the video of their dazzling performance below the group blew the audience away when they danced the Carolina Shag to a medley of songs including Aretha Franklin’s classic song “Think,” and The James Cotton Band’s “How Long Can A Fool Go Wrong.”


In their modest but stunning hot pink jumpsuits the girls danced with their smart male partners dressed in black dress shirts and pants.

Their moves are highly sophisticated at the beginning as if they’re on the set of a Jane Austen adaptation re-enacting a ball but as soon as the beat kicks in the grooves come out and it’s an impressive display.


These dancers take the simple steps of the Carolina Shag and add their own flair all while keeping to the six-count, eight-step dance pattern.

The fact that each dancing couple is performing in unison with the group makes this dance even more impressive as they’re perfectly synchronized.

These youngsters are taking an age-old dance and heightening its popularity with their modern twist, they really are an inspiration.

Watch them in action in the clip below and see why they’re champions.

And if you’re inspired there are studios across the nation teaching this wonderful dance so what’s stopping you giving it a try?

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