Chris Cuoma confirms wife Cristina also has COVID-19

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo who is battling COVID-19 has revealed his wife now has the potentially deadly virus.

When the journalist and TV presenter from New York first revealed he had the virus he said his biggest concern was passing it on to his family.

“I just hope I didn’t give it to the kids and Cristina,” Cuomo, 49, wrote in his March 31 tweet announcing his diagnosis. “That would make me feel worse than this illness!”

‘Breaks my heart’

Since then he’s been quarantined in the basement of his home suffering with high fever, chills, shortness of breath and hallucinations of his late father.

Chris has now confirmed his worst fear. Appearing with his brother, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, on CNN News he announced: “Cristina now has covid. She is now positive. And it just breaks my heart. It is the one thing I was hoping wouldn’t happen, and now it has.”

Andrew Cuomo, who recently extended the lockdown in New York to May 15, said when one person in the family gets this virus it’s rare that other family members don’t get it.

“It’s very hard for a person to quarantine in a home and other people not to get infected…even if they are wearing a mask and gloves, that virus can live on some surfaces for up to two days,” Andrew Cuomo said.

‘Shook us at our literal core’

His younger brother Chris later tweeted that the couple’s two daughters and son are “still healthy,” but said news of his wife’s diagnosis “shook us at our literal core.

“Families all over know the reality our family faces,” he tweeted. “Few are one case and done.”

He added, “Can’t wait to shake this fever so I can help her as she helped me. Sucks.”


The New York governor who is 13 years older than Chris and helped raise him; their father Mario Cuomo was also elected Governor of New York in 1983, praised his brother for sharing his experience of the virus.

Andrew, who is the eldest of the five Cuomo siblings, lightened the heavy interview topic by joking that it was something else Cristina could blame Chris for.

“To the extent that Cristina is going to blame you for this,” said the governor, “there’s a lot of other things she can blame you for, so this is going to be No. 17 on the list. So I wouldn’t worry about that.”

The U.S. is the epicenter of the virus with New Yorkers hit the hardest. As of April 16 11,477 people have died of coronavirus and the number of confirmed cases has almost reached 120,000 in New York.

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