Christmas balls for everyone who loves whiskey are here!

Christmas is always a special time of year… and now even more so for every whiskey love out there!

We can now swap our regular red, green and golden Christmas balls for our favorite drink!

Take a closer look at these delicate tree decorations from the UK.

Just look at this!

Lakes Distillery

Is that…whiskey in there? Let’s zoom in a little:

It IS whiskey in the balls!

With only a few weeks left until Christmas and everyone busy thinking about Christmas, it’s decided: From now on all ornaments will be filled with whiskey.

Lakes Distillery have launched these special balls that we are more than happy to decorate our trees with. They’re sold in packs of 6 and contain 5 centiliters whiskey in each ball.

You can order yours here for £35 (approx. 45USD).

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