Christmas cacti is set to be the new tradition this holiday season

When we think of Christmas flowers only a few plants come to mind, but now there’s a new one which produces stunning blooms during the holiday season.

The very spiky but beautiful Holly has been the traditional Christmas bloom along with mistletoe for centuries and the Poinsettia plant’s association with Christmas can be traced back to 16th century Mexico.

Now there’s a new plant on the block that people have fallen in love with during the festive time by the name of chlumbergera buckleyi. Its common name is the Christmas cactus.

It may be hard to believe that a cactus could thrive during the winter months. But this cactus, native to East Brazil, only blooms around Christmas as it’s happier in cooler temperatures.

If you invest in one of these plants, it’s recommended that you water it once the top inch of the potting soil dries out and keep it indoors and away from direct sunlight.

Although it thrives in cooler temperatures and away from bright sunlight, too many hours of darkness could see it struggling, that along with overwatering so make sure it grows in a succulent potting mix with drainage holes.

Like a Poinsettia one plant may produce white flowers while others will produce red or pink.

And if at the end of the holiday season you don’t want to see this beautiful flower go there’s always an Easter and Thanksgiving cactus to look forward to.

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