Clown shot dead trying to protect mother and baby in restaurant robbery

It was supposed to be a happy occasion for visitors to a restaurant in Mexico when an armed robber entered the scene and started attacking customers.

Humberto Rojas Landa, who works as a clown helping sick children with laughter therapy, didn’t hesitate to help try and stop the robber.

He grabbed a water jug and hit the offender on the head as he tried to attack a woman with her baby. But the robber shot him in the head.

The 51-year-old spent 24 hours fighting for his life before he died.

This Human, Humberto Rojas Landa, was nicknamed “Dr Cosquillas (Dr Tickles)”. He was famous for making kids and Humans…

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Humberto, also known as Doctor Cosquillas, or ‘Doctor Tickle’, was shot in the Pueblo restaurant on February 6.

While Humberto lay on the ground the robber escaped on foot with only a single cell phone, as per the Daily Mail citing local media sources.

Tributes flooded in

Police have checked CCTV cameras but no one has been arrested, according to the British newspaper.

Tributes flooded in for the entertainer who gave laughter therapy to sick children and worked for a number of charities. Meanwhile, his family have asked for financial help to pay for his funeral.

Such a terrible tragedy and such a sad loss to a community which greatly benefited from such a generous man. Please share to pay tribute to him.