Concerned dad reports pervert watching his 2 sons, hours later finds himself surrounded by police cars

It’s so important to teach our kids about stranger danger to ensure they keep themselves safe when you’re not around.

Unfortunately, we can’t watch our kids all of the time so we need to equip them with the tools to protect themselves.

One dad had taught his 7-year-old twin boys well. They knew to be suspicious of strangers watching them and talking to them.

These boys had taken what their parents had taught them and applied it to an actual situation, one that made them very suspicious and prompted them to tell their dad about.

Their father took their complaint very seriously and even got the police involved. What he didn’t know is that his good intentions would backfire.

He shared his experience on the popular subreddit r/tifu site and it went viral. When you read his account you’ll understand why.

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The dad said he became very concerned when his 7-year-old sons complained of a “creepy” looking man watching them.

Their fear prompted the dad to take action and he called the police after continued complaints from his boys.

Here he describes in his own words what happened and why it ended with him being surrounded by the police.



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Clearly this dad had taught his boys well but maybe should have checked out this “creepy” man for himself first!

We all need to teach our kids about stranger danger and maybe this story would be a great tale to lighten the seriousness of such a talk.

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