Couple dig up rusty old safe in back yard – its treasure help solve a 9-year mystery

When you move into a house that’s old you have to take on its history and any damage and old belongings that previous owners have left behind.

The strange things that people leave when they move out can be an inconvenience but hardly ever valuable.

When Matthew and Maria Colonna-Emanuel moved into their home in Staten Island, New York, they noticed a piece of rusty old metal behind some trees at the top of their yard.

They dismissed it as part of a cable or electrical box and left it alone. But when they did get up close they realized it was anything but that.

“I thought it was an electrical box,” Matthew told CNN affiliate WCBS.

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But when animals ate the leaves growing over the old box the couple suspected it wasn’t an electrical box and curiosity got the better of them.

“It [the box] was really prominent when the deer ate away all the foliage,” Matthew said, according to CNN.

‘It was stunning’

They took a closer look and realized it was a rusty old safe; inside they discovered money and lots of jewelry in plastic bags.

“Hundreds, jewelry, diamonds, engagement ring. Dozens of rings, gold with jade. It was stunning,” said Matthew.

Couple Finds Safe Worth $52,000 Buried In Their Backyard

Their find was said to be worth over $50,000 and with the treasure they found a piece of paper with an address written on it. The address was their neighbor’s house.

“First, I knocked on the door (of their neighbor’s house) and I asked them if they were ever robbed and they said they were,” Matthew explained.

‘You’ll never see your stuff again’

New York Police Department confirmed the burglary at their neighbors’ home the day after Christmas in 2011. The only thing taken was the safe.

“The cops told her, you’ll never see your stuff again,” said Maria.

Matthew said their neighbor was shaking when he told her they had found her safe.

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The honest neighbors never even considered keeping the treasure for themselves.

“It wasn’t even a question. It wasn’t ours,” Maria said.

“The reward is karma. Good karma.” added Matthew.

We all need neighbors like Matthew and Maria.

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