Couple receive devastating news about their unborn child, they decide to make the ultimate sacrifice

It was a much-loved baby girl for Krysta Davis and Derek Lovett.

The couple had lost one baby to a miscarriage and were overjoyed when they received the news Krysta was pregnant again.

But, in Krysta’s 18th week of pregnancy the couple received the devastating news that their baby had a fatal neurological defect which meant some parts of her brain and skull were missing.



The doctors explained that their precious baby girl may only live a few minutes or a few days.

Then the couple decided that they didn’t want her life to go to waste and chose to make a heroic sacrifice.

Facebook / Rylei Arcadia

Her unborn baby girl was diagnosed with anencephaly, and only expected to live a few days at the most.Then doctors asked the couple if they would rather have Rylei delivered at 18 weeks through induced labor or they could go full term and allow her organs to be donated to help other babies.

Facebook / Rylei Arcadia

“At that moment, Derek and I looked at each other and knew what we were going to do,” Krysta told the Daily Advertiser.

“I may have not been able to take my baby home, but I could maybe use her life to give other mothers the chance to.”

Facebook / Rylei Arcadia

‘So perfect and beautiful’

On the 24th of December, 2018, beautiful baby girl Rylei was born weighing 6lbs and only 19 inches long.

Her brain stem was exposed and she was placed on a heart monitor. Despite not having the strength to cry this incredible baby girl was a fighter.

Facebook / Rylei Arcadia

“She was so perfect and beautiful to me. Her brain stem was exposed. But I didn’t even care or notice, I was just so in love,” said Krysta.

The couple allowed the two halves of their angel’s heart to help two other babies and her lungs would be donated to a research institute for studies on anencephaly.

Rylei’s life might have been short, but she brought so much love to her parents, and life to other children.

Not only was angel Rylei a medical miracle but a medical savior.

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