Couple who had trouble conceiving have triplets; 7 years later doctors stun them with shocking news

Courtney Garrett and her husband Philip dreamed of having a family but when the couple struggled to conceive they started In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

They were over the moon when soon after the treatment  they discovered they were pregnant and were thrilled when they heard they would be welcoming three children into the world. Their two baby boys and baby girl arrived in 2009.

But seven years later they were shocked to discover that history had repeated itself.

The New Orleans couple were ecstatic the moment they were told their first IVF treatment had worked, but when they saw the ultrasound they couldn’t believe there was not one but three babies growing.

Triplets, Jack, Oliver and Ellie, were born healthy and grew to be bright, fun children. But just seven years later Courtney was pregnant again and went to see the doctor who would deliver some news that blew them away. Courtney was having triplets again!

“The doctors had never seen anything like it before,” she told the New York Post. “When I told my family and friends they were like, ‘No way.’”

Daughter Ella guessed her mommy was pregnant again but her confirmation was met by her kids with a resounding, “No!” When she revealed that there was more to the surprise, that they were going to have triplet sisters, the chorus of no rang even louder!

Thankfully, the triplets came around to the idea and welcomed their sisters with open arms.

“We assigned each older sibling a younger sibling based on birth order, which has helped them bond and they have fallen in love with them,” Courtney told the New York Post.

See this very cute family in action in the video below.

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Their house is more chaotic now but they wouldn’t change a thing.

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