Couple’s unique dance number is like nothing you’ve seen before

We all teach children that you shouldn’t judge people by appearances. Nonetheless, we are faced with prejudices all the time.

Sam West, a middle-aged man who loves to dance, knows exactly how it feels to fight against preconceived notions.

He may be a little older than his dance partner, and he may not immediately look like a dancer — but when he is on the dance floor, everyone’s jaws drop.

It was last summer when Sam West and his dance partner Autumn Jones entered the Grand Nationals Carolina Classic dance competition.

To win a competition like this takes talent and skill. Dancers need agility, strength, coordination — and many, many hours of practice to get the routine just right.

Sam and his dance partner Autumn were determined in their goal to compete in this challenging competition.

Credit: Youtube

And just moments into their routine, the audience was already impressed.

They turned and turned, spinning and jumping — and had impressive choreography. As a spectator, it’s almost impossible to take your eyes off their legs, they’re like rubber!

It only got better as they danced energetically to Jerry Lee Lewis’s ”Pink Cadillac”.

Credit: Youtube

In fact, Sam and Autumn’s number was so popular that they won the whole competition!

Since then, the video of their performance has gone viral and been seen over half a million times. And it’s certainly a joy to watch. I could watch this over and over again, all day long!

Watch the video below to see their fantastic performance:

 I just sit and smile when I watch at Sam and his partner Autumn. Please share if you did, too!

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