Customer grabs 21-year-old waitress’ behind – 2 seconds later, the idiot gets exactly what he deserves

No one should ever be subjected to sexual harassment — ever!

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of idiots, mostly men, who refuse to respect the opposite gender and instead treat them with disrespect. After the “#metoo-movement”, these questions have been discussed more and more — that’s at least a beginning.

However, there are still far too many who continue to be exposed to various forms of sexual abuse — and it simply must stop. Although it may be naive to believe that it is going to vanish completely, that is the ideal we must strive for.

If you sexually assault on another person, you should live with the consequences. It can be an immediate reaction back, or taken care of by the police. Although the latter is obviously preferable, I will honestly admit that I feel extremely non-sympathetic for idiots who get what they deserve after sexually harassing or assaulting another person.

Woman’s revenge celebrated

A 31-year-old restaurant guest in Florida was just leaving when he passed one of the waitresses, Emelia Holden, who was working by a station. Instead of just passing her, he extends his left hand and clutched the 21-year-old woman’s behind before walking on, writes Buzzfeed News.


The man didn’t yet realize what a mistake this would turn out to be. The waitress responded with lightning speed — refusing to accept what he had done, she reacts in a way that now has the internet cheering.

Emelia spins around, grabs the man by his shirt, and fiercely pushes him down to the ground — and this, in front of all the other restaurant guests. The woman also held him until the police arrived, at which point he was charged with sexual battery.

“He got what he deserved and I’m just trying to live my life,” the waitress wrote on Facebook following the incident.


A surveillance camera captured the whole incident and will contribute as evidence against the assaulter in court. See the clip below:

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