Dad asks hard-working son if he can do one more chore. When he sees what it is, his reaction warms our hearts

Most of us grew up being taught that you don’t get something for nothing. Hard work pays off, and it’s important that we teach our children the meaning of hard work at an early age so that they’re prepared for adult life.

One little boy who has never shied away from a day of hard work at his family’s farm is 9 year old Kolt Kyler. His reaction to one last “chore” after a hard day’s work went viral recently.

The little boy’s reaction is definitely worth attention, and I couldn’t help but share it with you!

Kolt Kyler, from Pierceton, Indiana, has a heavier day’s work than most 9 year olds. He spends his days helping out on the family farm, always willing to pull his weight and never once complaining. The 9 year old is also a huge Chicago Cubs fan, and will often end a day of hard work by watching a game on TV.

“His work ethic is amazing,” Kolt’s big sister Hannah tells Yahoo, adding that her little brother is truly a die-hard fan of the Cubs. “He’s been carrying around a bat, ball and glove since he could walk.”

Recently, his family decided to give Kolt a reward for all his hard work. His reaction to the surprise is heart-warming, and luckily Hannah caught it on camera.

Twitter/ Hannah Himes

The clip starts with 9 year old Kolt and his dad standing by one of their pig pens. As the pigs shuffle around, Kolt’s dad Andy has a proposition for the boy.

“You know, I kind of tested you a little bit today,” Andy says. “I wanted to see how you’d react because I knew you were tired. You never once complained. You worked hard.”

The little boy nods along and agrees with his dad, saying that he enjoys helping out.

Twitter/ Hannah Himes

Then his dad asks him if he’s up for one more job. The little boy nods enthusiastically. His dad warns him that it will take the whole day, but Kolt just continues to happily agree to the extra work.

Then his dad hands him an envelope, telling him to open it carefully. When the little boy sees what’s inside, he first jumps up and down in excitement, and then breaks down in tears and rushes to embrace his dad.

Sister Hannah posted the little boy’s reaction on Twitter, and it warmed my heart!

Inside the envelope were tickets for Kolt and his dad to go and watch the Chicago Cubs play at Wrigley Field. Kolt couldn’t stop hugging and thanking his dad for the gift, and the clip soon spread across the world, with strangers quick to praise the hard-working boy and his family.

But that wasn’t all. The clip soon caught the attention of Anthony Rizzo, the Cub’s first baseman. He tweeted to Hannah, saying that he would have batting practice passes ready for Kolt so he could get a real taste of the game when he arrived at the field!

I can’t think of a more deserving little boy than Kolt. It’s great to see a kid who’s so willing to help out and so grateful for his reward!

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