Dad calls 911 when his son suddenly stops breathing

Although children are a right that all people have, there are people out there that simply should not be allowed to be parents.

On Friday, a dispatch center in Utah, USA, received a call from a 19-year-old man, Clint Nokes. His son, Hudon, had suddenly stopped breathing and needed urgent help.

The paramedics were unable to get the 7-week old boy to breathe and immediately took him to the hospital.

Facebook/Krista Larsen

The boy’s father told a police officer that he was trying to get his child to burp after feeding him, but failed. He became restless.

He then claims he called his girlfriend, the child’s mother, Krista Larsen, to tell her that something was terribly wrong.

But when the police later spoke to the hospital staff who received Hudson, Clinton’s story began to crash. The truth would soon be revealed through the child’s autopsy.

The boy’s head and chest were full of bruises, and he’d suffered from internal bleeding in his brain.

The doctors worked fervently to save the boy’s life, but he could not be saved.

Hudson died at the Primary Child’s Hospital early in the morning of December 2, reports news channel Fox 13.

Facebook/Krista Larsen

Autopsy reveals full extent of baby’s injuries

Hudson had a fracture on the scalp, bleeding in the eyes, blood in his bone marrow and several fractures throughout the rest of the body.

When the evidence was presented to Clint, he acknowledged what he had done.

Geograph (the gravestone on this picture is unrelated to this event)

He had “exploded” when Hudson did not stop crying. He had thrown the boy on the couch, carried him with one leg and shaken the child while holding him upside down — all clearly extreme violence to expose such a small child to.

Earlier this week he had also dropped the boy on his head in the sink.

Clint has been arrested and is awaiting trial.

Clint Nokes
Davis County Jail

I just can’t understand how anyone can do this to an innocent child? If you suspect a child is being abused, always contact the police.

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