Daughter lies in dad’s arms, now watch her reaction when he starts to sing

It’s almost impossible not to smile when you see a baby. They’re pure innocence and happiness – and making them smile back is one of the best feelings in the world.

Singing to a small baby is also precious, just like this dad did for his little daughter.

And her reaction to her dad’s song made my heart melt!

It doesn’t really matter which song you sing to a baby. As long as you have a soothing voice, it normally does the trick – and seeing them smile and laugh along is really something special.

This dad decided to sing Joe Cocker’s classic “You are so beautiful” to his daughter. It’s the perfect song to describe a parent’s love for their child.


Loves when dad sings

The dad holds his daughter and stops singing – and as soon as she hears the first note, she can’t stop smiling. She lies there happily listening to her Dad’s soothing voice.

The two month old baby lies completely still and listens to the song. The dad seems to have done a great job serenading his little girl –it even seems like she wants to sing along.


In the clip below you can watch the heart-warming song for yourself:

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