Deaf woman can hear for the first time thanks to mother-in-law – then Ellen surprises them all

Sarah Churman was born deaf and up until recently had lived in a world of silence unable to hear the laughter of her two young children or her husband’s voice.

But thanks to an amazing piece of medical equipment she was able to hear for the first time in 34 years. Unfortunately the implants came at a high price and her family could only afford one.

When her mother-in-law heard they couldn’t afford the second one, she made a huge sacrifice to help fund the second implant.

The family appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and in an emotional gesture, Ellen had a big surprise for all three of them.


Sarah told Ellen DeGeneres that she had only been hearing for eight days and explained how wonderful it was to hear her children, birds singing, the thunder and the rain.

She also joked that she heard her husband snore for the first time and was already over it!

Then she revealed how her mother-in-law had stepped in to help fund the cost of her second ear implant.

This sweet lady, who was sitting in the audience, told Ellen: “When this device came along…I’m not wealthy but I cashed in a small retirement fund that I had.”


Ellen was moved by the family’s story and invited them all onto her show so they could share the sacrifices they had made.


What the family don’t know is that Ellen has a surprise for them and it’s a tear jerker.

Watch the video below to see the emotional moment Ellen tells Sarah and her family the truth about their visit.

This family really deserves Ellen’s gesture, what a huge sacrifice this woman made for her daughter-in-law! Please share this beautiful video with your friends and family.