Delivery man pounds on woman’s door – to warn her about the deadly situation he sees on her porch

Paul Pereira delivers packages for UPS. His job is usually pretty routine, but one afternoon, something caught his attention while he was driving down a residential street.

Paul stopped and jumped out of his brown UPS truck and ran straight toward a particular house. He ran across the front yard and went up on the porch. Then he started pounding on the door until someone opened it. It was an absolute emergency.

Photo: YouTube

Why did Paul do it? The house’s front porch was on fire! He wanted to make sure the people who lived there could get out as quickly as possible and call the fire department.

Paul knocked on the door again and again — until someone finally answered it. Out came Tracy Lavender and her daughter. They ran straight to the house of a neighbor, who immediately called the fire department.

Photo: YouTube

When the firefighters arrived, they realized that the house would have burned to the ground, except for one thing. Paul had grabbed a garden hose and was dousing the fire.

Paul doesn’t want to be called a hero, but the Lavender family was grateful for his courage. As for Paul, he says it’s natural to help people when they’re in need.

Please help us show the world how important it is to help out the people in our community even if we don’t know them personally. Paul is a perfect role model when it comes to this — because without his help, the family’s house would’ve have burned down.