Depressed teenager considers suicide, then he hears a voice that changes everything

Luke Keller was a successful athlete after working so hard to achieve his dream of playing football at a higher level. Football had been a way of life for him since he was little boy.

By the time he entered high school he was 6 ft 2 inch tall, weighed 220 pounds and was on his way to major NFL success. But all this was about to change after Luke suffered a string of injuries.

Faith pulled Luke Keller through times of trial

The Lucasville, Ohio senior linebacker needed three surgeries to repair a broken ankle and three more for a broken wrist. One of the procedures caused an infection that turned into a severe case of sepsis — a life-threatening infection that spread throughout his body and nearly destroyed his internal organs.

Doctors told Luke he had about a 40 percent chance of survival. Even if he did live, it was unlikely he’d ever play football again. This caused Luke to fall into a deep depression as he watched his teammates prepare to play the football season without him.

Before senior year began, Luke announced to his parents that he was giving up football completely. He was so down due to the events in his life that he was even considering suicide.

Then one day, Luke went outside to mow the grass for his mom. “At this time I was not a believer, but I said ‘God, if you are real, say something to me, let me know something.’”

He thought he heard something, but couldn’t be sure. He asked a second time — and this time he was sure about it.

“I dropped down to my knees, and in the middle of my yard I was bawling my eyes out.”

Watch the video below to hear Luke’s awe-inspiring story of how faith changed his life in more ways than one.

All of us would like to believe that miracles can happen and I think Luke’s story gets us closer to this belief. Please share this wonderful story of faith and football with your friends and family.